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Redraw! by Rainatmosphere Redraw! :iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 3 0 Coffee with the bae by Rainatmosphere Coffee with the bae :iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 6 4
Twist of Silver:Pirate Lord!China x Lady! Reader:3
Twist of Silver Threads
: Pirate Lord!China x Lady! Reader:
(Chapter 3)
In Danger’s Way—(Emerald)
“Is that a girl I see in your arms, Yao? What a pretty thing to catch in the waters, aye?”
Yao held (Name) against his chest tightly as if he wanted to shield her away from the stranger’s glinting emerald gaze. The girl didn’t know of the horrors that Arthur Kirkland committed in the high seas, and Yao was most unfortunate to come across his ship once more.
“You do not belong here, Arthur!” Yao snarled.
“Alas I do,” Arthur interjected smugly. “Anyone who dares to cross my waters knows of the consequences…and you and the poppet are no exceptions,”
When Extremities Meet—(Bullet)
The tension was stifling.
But as (Name) remained guarded by the pirate lord’s arms, she couldn’t suppress the foreboding wave of fear rising from the pit of her stomach. Yao’s pulse thundered against hi
:iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 11 8
Princess Marinette by Rainatmosphere Princess Marinette :iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 9 3
Twist of Silver:Pirate Lord!China x Lady!Reader:2
Twist of Silver Threads
: Pirate Lord!China  x Lady!Reader:
Night of a Thousand Stars—(It’s Not for Me to Say: Johnny Matthias)
“You seemed troubled,” Yao spoke solemnly.
Even when the deck was illuminated by a few lanterns, he noticed her lithe arms wrapping around her shaking form. The tears slid down her flushed cheeks and Yao would have brushed them away if she allowed him to. As much as he wanted to console the poor girl, Yao couldn’t help but feel an inexplicable pang of hurt in his chest because he felt so helpless for letting her down.
And while the pirate lord silently bemoaned over his frustrations, he never anticipated a response articulated with such chilling desperation:
“Please help me,”
Turning the Tides—(Acceptance)
“Why did you choose to be a pirate lord, Yao?”
“For all the reasons men desire in this world, my dear.” Yao breathed. “But I merely desired for a mom
:iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 10 6
Twist of Silver :Pirate Lord!China x Lady!Reader:
Twist of Silver Threads
: Pirate Lord!China  x Lady!Reader:
The Voice in the Night—(Prison)
Nihao, girl,”
Those were the words she remembered spilling from his lips when she boarded his ship. They were words that burned within her very being, along with the pair of arms wrapped firmly around her waist with a surprising gentleness she never imagined for a pirate lord—or any pirate for that matter— to possess.
And yet, even at her most disoriented state, (Name) felt nothing more than a seething hatred for the man who dared snatch her away from her home. Even as the pirate lord provided her with the comfort befitting queens, (Name) felt like a prisoner.
Rebel Spirit—(Sea)
Yao was no ordinary pirate, (Name) knew that much. He was just as commanding and ruthless as the stories described him to be. And despite the pirate lord’s attempts in making her feel comfortable and valued, (Name) feared this man with each
:iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 18 15
Dance of Silk :Rakugoka!Japan x Geisha!Reader:
Dance of Fallen Silk
: Rakugoka!Japan x Geisha!Reader :
=Showa Period=
Everyone knew that beauty was a subject sustained by tradition — although the passage of time brought forth endless struggles to preserve them in its purest form. And with each passing year, the depiction of beauty too transformed; for the past became nothing more than fleeting traces of memories sent swirling in a whirlwind of fragrant cherry petals and freshly shed tears.
(Name) had been treasured for her beauty. For as long as she could remember, she had been the very object of attention — from her excellently maintained skin, to her nimble fingers producing complex pieces of music from the shamisen resting on her lap. Certainly, her role as Geisha required her to keep her head raised in an air of regal elegance and feminine status.  
Even as a feeble child, her grace was a wonderfully played ability that contrasted sharply in her short life as an illegitimate daughter of a poor woman. And
:iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 44 12
Grounded in the Cosmos (Ouryuu Zeno)
Grounded in the Cosmos
The first thing Zeno saw when he opened his eyes was the sunrise.
Amidst the brilliant scarlet streaking from the dawning sky, the sun peaked from the horizon and cast its multitudinous arms, as if to stretch out into the infinite masses and stir life into the world once more. Zeno too found it appropriate to bid the sun hello by mimicking its actions, by sitting up and raising his arms to the sky in a wondrous stretch and grandeur yawn. The morning dew clung to the young grass and the earthy soil was soft and damp under the pads of Zeno’s fingertips, but it wasn’t long before he rose from the ground and shook off the dirt from his worn robes.
Zeno knew that Yona and the others were still fast asleep, considering how they weren’t showing signs of stirring anytime soon. But the Ouryuu knew that the entire group worked hard to journey back to Kouka so they deserved a rare opportunity to sleep for a little longer. By the end of the day, th
:iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 2 0
Wisteria by the Riverside (Hakuryuu Kija)
Wisteria by the Riverside
There was something about spring that overwhelmed Kija’s senses with a familiar rush of indescribable and inexplicable calm. Even as a child, Kija considered the coming of spring as a cherished occasion that not only marked another year of his birth but a time that triggered an odd sense of nostalgia from the dragon blood flowing through his veins. He was unsure if this was due to the neverending lineage of past Hakuryuus throughout the centuries—he wasn’t blessed with the ability to sense the spirits— but it didn’t stop him from feeling light and rejuvenated.
Life seemed to pick up and prosper in rich bursts of vibrant color and in sweet floral scents after the glittering mass of powdered snow dissolved under the sun’s warm rays. And it was in these moments that Kija found entrancing—amidst the silvery heads of his village’s people, he could see the surrounding nature flourish in a breathless display of
:iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 2 0
Yona WIP by Rainatmosphere Yona WIP :iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 3 0
Clair De Lune :Netherlands x Reader:
Clair De Lune
: Netherlands x Reader:
If there is one thing that (Name) finds endearing about her beloved is his unrelenting diligence and stubborn character. Abel Van Mogens isn’t quite an easy man to fall into a romantic commitment; although his handsome appearance is nothing short of charming, there is an awkward air of stillness that proves overwhelming for any woman to stay in. To the unfortunate souls that dare cross his domain, he keeps himself shut, as if he deems them unworthy in his presence. He isn’t expressive and rarely speaks—much less affectionate words that any woman would enjoy listening from a man—unless if it’s to haggle for bargains in the market place.
The idea of snatching Abel up like a freshly caught fish was considered unthinkable amongst the woman and soon he was deemed a dangerously handsome but impossible man in all of Netherlands. (Name) too also thought about the rumors until she somehow managed to make her relationship with A
:iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 51 6
Unbroken by Rainatmosphere Unbroken :iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 9 2 Portrait of a beauty by Rainatmosphere Portrait of a beauty :iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 2 0
Cozy Splendor :China x Reader:
Cozy Splendor
:China x Reader:
“The rain’s falling down hard,”
“Yeah,” you take your eyes off the TV screen momentarily to glance at the window. The rapid pitter-patter of rain hitting asphalt sounds like a low buzz to your ears and you blink seconds before a bolt of lightning brightens the darkened sky in a bright flash. The high pitched crescendo of the tea kettle follows the muffled cacophony but it too ceases immediately as Yao shuts off the gas stove and prepares the tea in a ceramic teapot. “—but I like the sound of rain. It’s relaxing.”
You could hear Yao let out a soft chuckle at your comment as he shuffles towards the table you were seated in front of and places the tea tray before taking a seat beside you. “You’re adorable, (Name). Did you know that?” You blow out your cheeks in mock anger and Yao allows himself to wrap an arm around your shoulder and pull you close, squeezing slightly in affection. You n
:iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 32 8
Lady Hamilton As Circe by Rainatmosphere Lady Hamilton As Circe :iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 5 7 All hail Queen Austria by Rainatmosphere All hail Queen Austria :iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 7 9


Wind in the hair ref set by Kate-FoX Wind in the hair ref set :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 1,689 10 Nose and eyes variation steps by sakimichan Nose and eyes variation steps :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 6,139 55 Light source on hair voice over tutorial .promo by sakimichan Light source on hair voice over tutorial .promo :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 6,559 52 I See The Light by Umintsu I See The Light :iconumintsu:Umintsu 4,598 127 Beauty and the Beast by Umintsu Beauty and the Beast :iconumintsu:Umintsu 8,392 246 Winter Belle - Beauty and the Beast (+PRINT) by mior3e Winter Belle - Beauty and the Beast (+PRINT) :iconmior3e:mior3e 2,806 145 Fanart : So sick... (Coz Lovin' you) by TashaChan Fanart : So sick... (Coz Lovin' you) :icontashachan:TashaChan 542 50 MM: Memory by Tetonori MM: Memory :icontetonori:Tetonori 142 12 Dr. Yoosung Kim by Syymseii Dr. Yoosung Kim :iconsyymseii:Syymseii 480 12 707 NYCC by Artgerm 707 NYCC :iconartgerm:Artgerm 8,024 297 Yoosung by Sygios Yoosung :iconsygios:Sygios 340 23 Yoosung with a pony tail by shinnful Yoosung with a pony tail :iconshinnful:shinnful 49 3 707 summer casual by sakimichan 707 summer casual :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 9,585 319 poke go by sakimichan poke go :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 21,073 507 yoosung by vxrbxl yoosung :iconvxrbxl:vxrbxl 474 6 my cute little puppy~ by Brabbitwdl my cute little puppy~ :iconbrabbitwdl:Brabbitwdl 308 72
Feel free to browse through my favourites of China self-inserts, random bits of art and occasional tutorials (I draw too). Sorry for my inactivity.



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I particularly enjoy writing fanfiction, especially reader-inserts, occasional poetry and even original stories.

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