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Feel free to browse through my favourites of China self-inserts, random bits of art and occasional tutorials (I draw too). Sorry for my inactivity.



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Since UnluckyAmulet graciously tagged me a while back, I figured I should do it while I have the time!

1. When did you start writing?

Truth be told, I've been writing as soon as I realized I could write. 

It wasn't until I was in middle school that I became more active in writing (because I found out about these amazing fan stories) and produced my first couple fanfics for the public to read.

2. When you were a beginning writer, what did you write primarily? What do you write now, primarily? (i.e. romance, fan-fiction, poetry)

I used to write everything back then: poems, short stories, you name it. When I wrote fanfiction back then, it was predominately for Shugo Chara because I geeked out hardcore for a certain pairing. My stories were mainly of romance laced with some angst and drama or just all-out comedy that sounded hilarious back then but super corny now.

I still dabble on romance for the fanfics I write now but I attempt to write it in a way that delivers a more refreshing read through unexpected plot, dialogue, and writing style. 

3. How often do you write? 

Oh, how I long the days when I was able to write 8+ pages in a day and upload every week!

4. When is your favorite time of the day to write?

I think most of my ideas occur to me during the night.

5. Do you have a writing muse? If so, who/what? 

It actually depends on the story I intend to write. Sometimes, it's the whimsical lyrics of a song. Sometimes it's one that evokes reverberations within me. Other times, it's an ideal ambiance or place I'd like to be. In most cases though, it's based on my experiences that I can build a plot around. 

6. What is your most popular lit piece?

I think the most popular lit piece(s) I've been writing have to do with the "My Darling Peony" series. 

7. What is the piece you are currently writing?

I have so many started-but-unfinished pieces floating around my word docs that it's impossible to list them all. 

The most recent have to do with Feliciano and Yao.

8. What is the piece you most recently finished? 

Cup of Steaming Stars and Plate of Candied Roses- my France x Reader fic!

9. What piece are you most proud of? 

The one I just mentioned!

I'm really proud of how the story unraveled itself through the words and it was just so fun to write in a style that was unfamiliar to me. Also, the language I chose to write the story seemed to resonate with the readers so I think it had the most significant impact.


Rainatmosphere's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Welcome to my humble abode~!

I am a fellow New Yorker who loves to write literature while listening to epic scores and soundtracks for inspiration.

I particularly enjoy writing fanfiction, especially reader-inserts, occasional poetry and even original stories.

However, because I am now a college student, I haven't been able to update as much so if you choose to follow me, it'll most likely take a long time to come up with something amidst my busy life. But I promise it'll be worth it.

As for my actual fanfiction account, I'll most likely be posting multi-chapter stories when the time comes.

So while you patiently wait for my updates, it would do me a great deal if you watch this lovely person here: :iconlupus-astra:

And, if you're wondering how my social life's like, here are other social networking sites (just search my dA name!):

Instagram: (I post sketches, food and occasional selfies there)

Thank you and have a nice day!

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